Guillotine EBA 6660

Guillotine EBA 6660

Guillotine EBA 6660

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Guillotine EBA 6660

 The EBA 6660 is a guillotine-type cutter for paper with a cutting length of 650 mm, and is electrical: adjusting the position of the back, holding the foot, pressing the knife

The main advantage over low-end models including the EBA 6660 is the presence of a touchscreen panel for programming frequently repeated formats. The total number of programs is 99 (from 1 to 99 operations each). Up to 9 operations can be reduced to step 1.

To increase the speed of product preparation for cutting, cutting itself, as well as increase the level of safety during operation, an optical protective barrier is installed, as in professional EBA guillotine models. When an object, item of clothing or part of the body enters the area of ​​the barrier, the clamping of the knife automatically locks.

The EBA 6660 paper cutter can cut a stack of paper up to 80 mm thick. A cut length of 650 mm allows using EBA 6660 to process printing products up to SRA3 format (320x450 mm) on the long side.

The EBA 6660 is a top-of-the-line model among EBA guillotines with a cutting length of 650 mm. Due to the electric pressure of the foot and the knife drive, the process of preparing and cutting paper is greatly accelerated and the requirements for the physical capabilities of the cutter are simplified. A software setting of the movement of the back and the presence of a safety barrier can significantly increase the cutting efficiency.


Country of manufacture: Germany

Security and safety features EBA 6660:

- for cutting, the operator must press simultaneously two buttons in opposite sides of the panel, which prevents the hand from falling under the knife during the cutting process;

- optical protective barrier;

- rear transparent protective screen;

- safe replacement of the knife using the original device for removing the knife;

- safe change of marzan from the side without removing the protective cover;

- the lock of inclusion of the engine with a key.

EBA 6660 comes with a stand (table-stand). The original table-stand allows you to place the cutter EBA 6660 in any place convenient for you in the room. A shelf in this option allows you to place accessories or paper.

The guillotine EBA 6660 is a comfortable solution for digital printing houses, offices, print shops and other enterprises where processing of small print runs of printing products up to a format SRA3 (320x450 mm) is carried out.

Cutting length (mm) 650 mm
Cutting height (mm) 80 mm
Table depth (mm) 610 mm
Dimensions 1293 x 992 x 1220 mm (H x W x D), with side tables 1565 mm
Weight 312 kg without side tables, 321 kg with side tables

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