Shredder EBA 5141 S (P-2) (paper shredder)

Shredder EBA 5141 S (P-2) (paper shredder)

Shredder EBA 5141 S (P-2) (paper shredder)

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Schredder EBA 2326 (paper shredder) belongs to the class of high capacity office shredders. This model is represented by a wide range of devices in five safety classes from P-2 to P-7.

EBA 2326 S (P-2)  is the smallest in security level P-2 and is intended for the destruction of documents (even stitched together with a paper clip) with shred size   405 mm.

The shred capacity is 42 - 47 sheets of paper with a density of 80 g / m2.

Materials: paper, plastic cards, CD/DVD, diskette.

Shred size 6 mm strip cut.

Shred bin volume is 165 liters.

Weight 115 kg.

Level of secrecy P-2
Receiver width, mm 405
The size of the crushed particles, mm / type of cutting 6 mm/ Strip cut
Single loading, A4 sheets (80g / m2) 42 - 47
Additional features Destruction of credit cards and CD/DVD, diskette.
Paper cutting speed, m / sec 0,20
Container capacity, l 165
Motor power, kW 1,6
Autostart / stop with photocell +
Automatic shutdown on overflow +
Door open indicator +
Automatic shutdown when opening the door +
Dimensions 1010 х 640 х 590 mm
Weight 115 kg
Manufacturer country Germany
Manufacturer Krug + Priester GmbH & Co. KG

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