Guillotine EBA 4350

Guillotine EBA 4350

Guillotine EBA 4350

Guillotine EBA 4350

The EBA 4350 is a 430 mm guillotine paper guillotine cutter, has a mechanical (manual) adjustment for the dip position and an electric foot press and a knife press.

The EBA 4350 is able to cut a 500-page paper with a density of 70 g / m² or a thickness of 40 mm. The cutting length of 430 mm allows the EBA 4350 to handle printing products up to A3 format on a long side.

The EBA4350 is a telescopic model of the EBA model range with a 430 mm long cut.Thanks to the electric clamping of the foot and the knife drive, the process of preparation and cutting of paper is significantly accelerated and the requirements for the physical capabilities of the cutter are simplified.Country of origin: Germany

The mechanical adjustment of the valve position is carried out with a handle on the front panel of the cutter and allows rough and precise adjustment of the position.Protective elements and processes:

- for cutting the operator must press two buttons at the same time on the opposite sides of the panel, which prevents the hands from falling under the knife when cutting;

- front plastic transparent casing for working space with mechanical locking during operation.

- rear transparent protective screen.

- Safe replacement of the knife with the help of the original knife removal device;

- safe change of the marzana from the side without removing the protective casing;

The EBA 4350 is available in the desktop version and can be placed even on the desk. We also recommend using the options (not included in the basic package): the original table stand or cupboard for the EBA 4350. The original table stand, as well as the curbstone, allows you to place the EBA 4350 cutter in any place convenient for you. The shelf in this option allows you to place auxiliary accessories or paper.

The EBA 4350 Guillotine is a comfortable solution for a small printing house, office, print shop and other businesses where the processing of small print runs to A3 format is carried out.

Cutting length (mm) 430 mm
Cutting height (mm) 40 mm
Table depth (mm) 435 mm
Dimensions 355 x 640 x 870 mm (H x W x D), height with stand / cabinet 1085 mm / 1080 mm
Weight 86 kg table top model, 96 kg with stand, 118 kg with cabinet

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