Knife EBA 5255, EBA 5260

Knife  EBA 5255, EBA 5260

Knife EBA 5255, EBA 5260

  • ₴9,020.00

Knife to the guillotine EBA 5255, EBA 5260

Knife for the guillotine, the main and very important detail. All EBA and IDEAL guillotine knives are made from high quality alloy steel (HSS). The production of knives at Krug & Priester is based on the traditions and technologies of the German ancient gunsmiths who manufacture the highest quality steel (Solingen Steel) for swords, blades and daggers in the city of Solingen, where high-quality industrial knives are now produced. Because of this, the knife for guillotine EBA and IDEAL can withstand up to 10,000 cuts (without loss of quality), without requiring sharpening.

Cutting length (mm) 520 mm
Material Alloy Steel (HSS)
Manufacturer country Germany
Manufacturer Krug & Priester

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