Ink for duplicator RISO RZ/EZ/MZ BLACK S-4253E

Ink for duplicator RISO RZ/EZ/MZ BLACK S-4253E

Ink for duplicator RISO RZ/EZ/MZ BLACK S-4253E

  • Brand:RISO
  • Product Code: RISO RZ 200, RZ 370/570, EZ 200/201, EZ370/371 EZ570,/571, MZ770
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ₴870.00

RISO RZ/EZ/MZ BLACK S-4253E original ink, made on soy basis, has excellent technological characteristics, excellent lightfastness and color rendition.

The color of the ink is attached to the pigment, the fraction of which is strictly controlled within 0.15-0.4 micrometers, depending on its color. A variety of colors and shades of ink, allows the printer to produce products brightly and contrastingly, while maintaining the budgetary footprint.

Binder for the pigment in RISO inks is an emulsion, which includes: water, glycerin, stabilizers, preservatives, soybean oil-based film-forming part, antifoaming paste and other constituents.

Further all the ingredients are mixed in strict proportions and, with the help of special equipment, which excludes the ingress of air bubbles, the finished ink is packaged in tubes.

On the tube with ink installed a chip (many printers are sure that the chip is designed to protect the risograph from using non-original ink) containing information about the paint: the type, composition, features of a particular lot, the fullness of the tube and much more. The main task of the chip is to inform the IQ System (the system for improving the quality of printing - installed in all modern duplicators) the data necessary for optimal settings of the device. The paint is quickly absorbed, moisture resistant, prints do not burn out in the sun. The supplier represents 21 standard and 50 custom colors. Under the order, it is possible to produce RISO inks of any desired shade, provided that it is ordered from 40 of its tubes and above.

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